2017 Honoree Jason Adams | Sherwood Fire Department

Lieutenant R. Jason Adams, 29, died in the line of duty January 22, 2016, in Sherwood, Arkansas, while responding to a medical call as a volunteer with the East Pulaski County Fire Department in Arkansas. Adams’ interest in the fire service was sparked when he was assisted by a volunteer firefighter who responded to a call to his home when Adams was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for his second battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Adams was hired by the Sherwood Fire Department immediately following his graduation from the Arkansas Fire Training Academy, Firefighter Standards in April 2012. He served as a volunteer firefighter with the East Pulaski County Fire Department for 10 years and was a career firefighter with the Sherwood Fire Department for four years.

2017 National EMS Memorial Service List of Honorees

Jason Adams, Sherwood Fire Department, Arkansas, 1/22/2016

Samantha Agins, New Jersey Camp – Jaycees, Pennsylvania, 8/11/2015

Clarence W. Barrow, The Roosevelt Hospital, New York, 11/25/1905

Hannah Callahan, Kings County Hospital, New York, 12/3/1954

Stacey Cernadas, Haynes Life Flight, Alabama, 3/26/2016

Sandra Cline, Mercy Health Life Star Ambulance, Ohio, 9/23/2016

E. Scott Danielson, Lakeland Emergency Squad, New Jersey, 1/16/2016

Raymond Davis, Lubbuck County Hospital District Ambulance, Texas, 9/18/2003

Larry Fuller, Hunter Ambulance Inc, New York, 4/20/2016

Chad Hammond, Haynes Life Flight, Alabama, 3/26/2016

Yuji Irie, American Medflight, Nevada, 11/18/2016

Deborah Kroon, Cal-ore Life Flight, Oregon, 7/29/2016

Morris Linker, Reception Hospital, New York, 8/23/1943

John Lynch, Worcester Ems/Umass Memorial Medical Center, Massachusetts, 12/5/2016

Charles Mcmahan, Tri State Ambulance, West Virginia, 12/17/2016

Harry T. Mesh, Harbor Hospital, New York, 3/13/1938

Larry Mills, Cal-ore Life Flight, Oregon, 7/26/2016

Robert Morton, Jr., St Vincent’s Hospital of Staten Island, New York, 4/11/1938

Jonathan Noce, Joachim-Plattin Ambulance District, Missouri, 5/25/2016

Nathan Rabison, Unity Hospital, New York, 7/29/1946

Lowell Satterwhite, Sr. Dakota City Fire & Rescue, Nebraska, 9/11/2016

Jacob Shepherd, American Medflight, Nevada, 11/18/2016

Brian Shepler, West Jefferson Medical Center, Louisiana, 2/10/2016

Jason Snipes, Haynes Life Flight, Alabama, 3/26/2016

Eric Speck, Dakota City Fire & Rescue, Nebraska, 6/27/2016

Michelle Tarwater, Cal-ore Life Flight, Oregon, 7/29/2016

John Ulmschneider, Prince George County Fire/Ems Department, Maryland, 4/15/2016

Tiffany Urresti, American Medflight, Nevada, 11/18/2016

National EMS Memorial Service 2016

Photos by Mark Mennie