2017 Honoree Raymond Davis | Lubbock County Hospital District Ambulance

Paramedic Raymond Davis, 60, of Lubbock County District EMS, died September 18, 2003, while working a 24-hour shift as a First Response Medic.

After having already responded to five emergencies during his shift, Davis’ colleagues were unable to reach him during a status check. After numerous attempts to reach Davis, supervisors were given his last known GPS location.

When help arrived on the scene, Davis was found deceased. Davis was a long-time paramedic who cares deeply for his patients and co-workers in Lubbock. He also worked as a volunteer paramedic for the Shallow Water EMS service for several years.

2017 Honoree Larry Fuller | Hunter Ambulance, Inc.

Larry Fuller, 55, of Hunter Ambulance, Inc., died April 20, 2016. Fuller and his partner were dispatched to transport a patient to another healthcare facility.

Fuller was driving. The vehicle left the highway and struck an object. Fuller was killed instantly. He had been with Hunter for three years.

He quickly rose through the ranks at the beginning his career as an EMT, sharing his knowledge as a field trainer and recently being promoted to Turnout Coordinator.

Fuller chose EMS following many careers outside of healthcare. Once he discovered his passion for caring for others, he devoted the last years of his life to perfecting his EMT skills and feeding his desire to be the best field provider for people in need of medical care.

Fuller strove to do his job with the utmost integrity. Fuller will be remembered for his kindness, compassion, and professionalism. His former colleagues continue to hold his memory in the highest regard.

2017 Honoree E. Scott Danielson | Lakeland Emergency Squad

Former Chief E. Scott Danielson, 49, of Lakeland Volunteer Emergency Squad in New Jersey, died January 16, 2016.

Danielson, a 35-year member of Lakeland Emergency Squad, died shortly after answering an emergency call of a motor vehicle accident involving his daughter.

He was able to help treat his daughter and the occupant of another vehicle. He arrived at the hospital with his daughter, and it was there he collapsed from a heart attack.

He was quickly stabilized and then flown to Morristown Medical Center where he was pronounced dead four hours later.

He was known for having a passion for community service and was well as for his involvement in public safety agencies in Sussex and Warren Counties in New Jersey. He started working EMS at the age of 14 in the role of a cadet, and eventually became the squad’s chief.

Danielson served as an Emergency Services Dispatcher with Morris County, the New Jersey State Police, and the Warren County Communications Department where he was recently a division manager and a member of the County Hazardous Materials Team.

In Sussex County, he served as the Office of Emergency Management 13 Coordinator for Andover Borough. He was a past member of the Andover Borough Fire Company and was serving his third term on the borough council. In recent years, he was known for his tireless efforts in securing more than a $100,000 in federal grants to purchase new fire equipment and new ambulances for the Lakeland Rescue Squad.

News reports noted his focus on the greater good. Danielson was an expert in the fields of police, fire, and EMS. His greatest passion was helping others.