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A National Moment of Silence

Participant Information

The National EMS Memorial Service Board is coordinating a National Moment of Silence to be observed in concurrence with the moment of silence observed during National EMS Memorial Service being held in Arlington, Virginia. This year the Moment will be held observed on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

This project provides an opportunity for those who cannot be in attendance in Colorado Springs to honor and remember those members of our profession who have given their lives in the line of duty.

All EMS and communications agencies wishing to participate are requested to observe 60 seconds of radio silence on May 20th at the times indicated in the suggested script below.

TIMES ARE EASTERN TIME! Please adjusts as required for your time zone.

[NOTE: Please time the transmission of any alert/activation tones required by your radio system to allow you to begin speaking at the time indicated below.]

Begin script:

17:59:30 All units please stand by for a special message

17:59:40 Attention all units operating on this frequency. . . In conjunction with the National EMS Memorial Service now ongoing in Arlington, Virginia, this agency will observe a moment of radio silence in honor of those members of our Nation’s Emergency Medical Services which have made the ultimate sacrifice, and given their lives in the line of duty. Please stand by unless you have an emergency. . . .

18:00:00 [Begin Moment of Silence]

18:01:00 this concludes the moment of silence, thank you. Please resume normal radio traffic.

End script

To give us an idea of participation levels, we ask that agencies planning to participate in this project send us the following information: Agency name, City & State. [In the case of a multi-agency communications center, please list the EMS agencies under your jurisdiction.]

Please send this information to Rande McCrary via email to:

* While 60 seconds is the “suggested” duration, it is understood that some busier jurisdictions may be unable to comply. Please feel free to adjust the duration according to the needs of your agency.



Participant Information Sheet
Agencies wishing to participate should download the Participant Information Sheet and Suggested Script.

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