The Memorial

The National EMS Memorial

The National EMS Memorial is composed of the Tree of Life and the Memorial Book.

The Tree of Life is a representation of an oak tree, symbolizing strength. The name, agency and date of loss of each National EMS Memorial Service honoree is engraved on a bronze oak leaf, which is then added to the Tree of Life.

The Memorial Book contains a page for each National EMS Memorial Service honoree. These pages contain photos, biographies and agency patches for each individual honored. The Memorial Book is kept on display near the Tree of Life.

During the Memorial Service Weekend, the pages for each of that year’s honorees is mounted and displayed next to the Tree of Life so visitors to the Memorial may view the honors paid to their loved one as a whole. At the conclusion of the weekend, these pages are then added to the Memorial Book.

Throughout the weekend, and indeed, throughout the year, family and friends visit the Memorial to reflect and remember. While there, some take rubbings of their loved one’s leaves, are photographed at the Tree or in front of the Memorial Book page.

From the inception of the National EMS Memorial Service, through April of 2006, the National EMS Memorial was on display in the To The Rescue Museum in Roanoke, Virginia. On April 30, 2006, To The Rescue closed it doors permanently. At that time the search for a new location for the Memorial began.

After a 2 year search, on May 7, 2008 the National EMS Memorial Service’s Board of Directors announced its choice of Colorado Springs, Colorado as the new host city of the Service and home of the new permanent “Tree of Life,” the National EMS Memorial.

While we still do not know what form the new Memorial will take, we are committed to maintaining the “Tree of Life” concept to be built in an easily accessible, outdoor location, appropriate to the dignity these brave men and women deserve and which provides the peace and solitude visitors require. It is our hope and current goal to have all phases completed and the new Memorial ready for its unveiling as soon as possible.

In the interim, the Memorial is temporarily displayed in Colorado Springs during the Memorial Service Weekend.

If you would like more information on the National EMS Memorial Project, or would to help support this effort, please click the link below.

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